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The Queen Of Cincinnati R&B

Jayme Shaye Launches on the cover of DBLCIN Summer 2018 Edition

Cincinnati Connection - Jayme Shaye

Jayme Shaye's "Cuddy" Video Brings the Summer Vibes

March was a dominating month, as several artists released projects that Cincinnati had been anticipating long before Spring finally reared its head in the Midwest. Among the onslaught of music was the impossible-to-ignore debut of R&B singer/songwriter Jayme Shaye. came at a time when Jayme simply had to write, a sentiment she details in the albums introduction.

Donuts n Akahol - Jayme Shaye Interview

Jayme Shaye stops by the studio to talk about her new single and video for "Cuddy", as well as her upbringing and her Back2School Drive this Sunday! Jayme is an accomplished singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, who moved to Cincinnati and is making huge waves. We love Jayme!

R&B siren Jayme Shaye secured her elite spot in Cincinnati - The Cincinnati Herald

Jayme Shaye. Photo by by Adam Delane By Vincent Cunningham Herald Contributor Bold, fearless, unapologetic, Los Angeles, California native, Jayme Shaye discovered her love for music as a child. Ever since she begun to utter words, her talent began to shine through. As she grew older, her love for singing was complemented and enriched through ...

Jayme Shaye -Toxic

Rhyme Report Jayme is an R&B artist that is blazing her own path to stardom. Orignally from Los Angeles, now residing in Cincinnati, OH, she is a artist with a riveting story to tell through her music. With soul-felt vocals and brutally honest lyrics that grab the hearts of her audience, she can easily fulfil a void musically in many listeners lives.

Getting to Know R&B Sensation, Jayme Shaye!

If you didn't know her already, you'll want to make sure you do now! Jayme Shaye is a singer/songwriter who takes her listeners on her own personal journey through her lyrics. The Los Angeles native is admired for her soulful vocals and grabs the attention of many within the first few seconds of each hit single.

Singer/Songwriter Jayme Shaye is Bold, Fearless & Unapologetic - The Rapfest Presents

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, singer/songwriter Jayme Shaye found her love for music at a young age. Emerging to the music scene in 2012, after moving to Cincinnati, OH, Jayme earned her spot as being named among the best of her region, exemplifying the promising characteristics of a true artist; she is emphatically pushing [...]